Why we wear a mask ...

We wear our masks to protect you. We wear our masks to protect ourselves.

Protecting ourselves means not touching our faces when we are out and about. It means practicing social distancing. It means doing what we can to avoid being infected with the Covid-19 virus. It means doing what we can to stop the spread of this disease. If we all protected ourselves and each other to stop the spread of the virus, the virus would die. Plain and simple ... no host, no virus.

We have designed our masks to be comfortable enough to avoid fiddling with the fit, to remove fogging of glasses, and to offer adjustable fit. Comfortable enough to get used to wearing so that you will keep your hands off your face when you are running errands and wearing your mask.  Following the guidelines of the American Center of Disease Control (CDC) we are using fabrics that have been tested as being the best suited to meet the two needs. The fabric that captures fine droplets most efficiently according to the CDC is a poly cotton blend. This also happens to the fabric that we line our sun hats with because it is also one of the best fabrics for sun protection.

Who could have ever guessed in Jan. 2020, that by March 2020, we would be well stocked with all the ingredients needed to make a brand new high demand item ... a fabric face mask!! Hindsight is 2020. 2020 vision ... 2020 is one of those terms we have used to describe lots of things in the past and here it is, a complete disruption to the entire world.

So for the time being, Mad Cap Hats becomes a mask making company. Putting as much time, testing and thought into masks as we have done over 33 years making hats. You can see and shop from our mask collection here.

Around the world societies have added masks to their defensive strategies as a means to fight the death toll Covid-19 is taking on populations. Shops like Costco have announced that in order to shop inside, customers must wear some sort of face covering. This is such a welcome measure as someone who has personally been wearing a mask since mid-March. It just makes sense that we should try to protect each other by protecting others from ourselves if we are unknowing carriers. Much is unknown about Covid-19 but what is known is that it is easily spread and that some of us will never know that we were or are unknowing carriers..

The Atlantic has published a timely article about why we wear masks.

It's great read. Read their take here.


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