Mad for Hats

We are so pleased to begin the process of sharing our 36 years of business with sewers everywhere. We have launched a YouTube Channel, a new pattern division and have plans to add a sewing club before Christmas where we will share one or two live sessions a week answering questions about hat design and creating and sharing sewing tips and techniques. 
We are pleased to announce the soft launch of our "How to and Style" channel on YouTube!! 
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Built in ear saver buttons will be standard on all of our new fall/winter hats for the coming season. Leave your hat on when you take your mask on and off!
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“Models show that if 80 percent of people wear masks that are 60 percent effective, easily achievable with cloth, we can get to an effective R0 of less than one. That’s enough to halt the spread of the disease.”
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It's Monday the 9th of March, 2020 and it doesn't feel like we are heading towards a great week.  The entire nation of Italy is on lock down. Toilet paper is sold out everywhere (and I still don't quite understand why) and the global pandemic is spreading.  That can't be a good way to start a day or a week in anyone's books.
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I have passion for hats.
Hello! My name is Tori Capes and I am a Certified Milliner and the designer/co-owner of Mad Cap Hats. If you order a hat from this website, I will be the one making it just for you! Right here in North America ... in Canada to be exact!