Custom Sizes

Heads are not all created Equal! Some have more brains (larger than average), some have less water (smaller than average but all brain no baggage lol)!

It's tricky when you're not "Average". Please email us first at to make sure we can accommodate your request with our limited supply of fabrics. If we can, we will send you a draft invoice to pay at your convenience if you want to proceed with the order. 

At this time in 2023, many of our suppliers are not shipping to Canada anymore and specialty fabrics are in dwindling in supply. Especially the cotton/linen fabric for the popular Sunblocker with Scarf line as well as the denim we use.

Hats on the website will have the size clearly stated and will be in stock in the stated size or sizes. Hopefully we will be able to accommodate your request for a special size. 

Background ....

Our hats are custom made with each order and we have a complete set of head size blocks ranging from 21 inches to 24 inches. The block in the picture above with the measuring tape around it is 23 inches. Nearly all adults are somewhere in between the range of our blocks (22.5 inches or 57/58 cm in circumference for women) (23.5 inches is the industry average for men)? For women who need a larger or smaller fit hat, there is only pure joy once they receive their first mad cap hat that has been made to measure. 

Or perhaps you see a fabric you like on our website, but prefer a different hat style. We can accommodate custom requests and our specialty is custom sizes! Please send an email to with the following details included:

  • A link to the desired hat style and/or fabric (this way we can confirm if the fabric is still available!)
  • Your head measurements (see instructions below)
  • Any additional information

To measure your head size, take a fabric tape measure and place it around your head, where a hat would sit (fig.1). This is just above the eyebrows and just above the top of your ears and around your head. Make sure the tape is comfortably positioned and not too tight. Then, measure from the top of one ear to the top of the other to determine the depth of the hat band (fig. 2).

If possible, have someone else do the measuring while you sit in a chair. Even in hat school, we measured each other for the most accurate measurement. Use a cloth measuring tape if you can. If you don't have one, use a piece of strong string that won't stretch. Cut at the place with the ends meet and use a measuring tape of ruler to measure the length of the string.



Figure 1 is the circumference and Figure 2 we refer to as ear to ear.

To determine your "hat size" you use the Figure 1 measurement or circumference and divide by "Pi" which is 3.14159. For example, an average women with a head size of 22.5 inches would wear a hat size of 7 1/8 to 7 1/4 which allows a little room for comfort. Average men's hat size is 7 1/2.

Once we have your measurements on an order we keep them on file for your next! 


Ear to Ear ... thank you Darcy (average man is 13 inches ear to ear, 23.5 around the head.

Around the head ... thank you Lucie! Average woman is 22.5, 12 inches ear to ear ... Lucie is the picture perfect average size.


We have a new video on YouTube about measuring your head. If you want to see a video example and learn about how to determine hat size as well, link to our video here and be sure to like and subscribe to our channel!!