We had a few glitches moving our domain fully to Shopify this past week and our web site and email were down a few times but we think we are all tuned up and fixed and back on the job! Sorry for any inconvenience. Onward and upward! In person workshop hat tutorials are planned for this summer at our lakeside studio. Stay tuned!


General Wash and Care Instructions

For instructions on how to wash and care for a specific type of product, please select from the list below:

Mad Cap Hats are built tough and most styles can be machine washed. However, we recommend hand washing for most of our summer headwear. 

Your hat is handmade from 100% cotton fabrics or cotton/linen blends. We try to buy all our fabrics from sources in North America. Fabrics have been pre-shrunk before sewing but trim pieces make handwashing the best method of cleaning. 

Helpful tips:

  • Ties with toggles, belt loops, and other trims all do better when they are cleaned gently. 
  • For spot cleaning, use a mild dish detergent to lift oil and grease stains. Fabric detergent is the best for overnight soaking.
    • In both cases, rinse and air dry.
  • Hats will bounce back to shape with a quick steam ironing on the cotton setting.
  • Brims are designed to be worn turned up or down! 

During sewing, each piece of your hat is lined with a dense polyester fibre for added shape and excellent SPF protection. Enjoy!