We had a few glitches moving our domain fully to Shopify this past week and our web site and email were down a few times but we think we are all tuned up and fixed and back on the job! Sorry for any inconvenience. Onward and upward! In person workshop hat tutorials are planned for this summer at our lakeside studio. Stay tuned!


Sunblockers with Scarf Trim

Sunblocker Fashion Hat with Scarf Trim. Your new favorite summer hat! Pretty enough for a summer wedding and yet perfect for a walk in the park, a drink on the patio and just about anything else you want to do under the sun. Packable and great for travels.

We have a video about the styling options with the brims of our hats that features a hat from this collection, 314 /316 that has an extra deep brim. You can watch it on YouTube here.

We have a video about how to re-tie or tie a scarf on your hat as well. The hat we use is one of ours with belt loops (the number 301). If you have one, in fabric or straw) and you removed the original trim ... here is how to put that trim back on! Also tips on tying a nice bow or knot. Watch that video on our YouTube channel here. (opens in a new window).