Winter Pom Pom Cap Raw Materials Kit

This box contains all the materials you need to make at least 2 of our Winter Pom Pom Caps including two discs of the black fur used in the video and the stuffing needed to make your own pom poms.  

You will get 3/4 meter of premium polar fleece for your main body (choose from the prints below), 1/4 meter of the black fleece for lining under the brim, 1/2 meter of  Pellon Brand, 926 extra firm stabilizer (more than enough! and note that this is a product that has a 20" width so you get at least 19" x 20") and the fur and filling for two pom poms and two large safety pins (about 1.5" long) for pinning your pom pom into your hat. You also get a meter of 1/8" flat black elastic for closing the top. Needle and threads and bodkin used in the video are not included. 

Download your free copy of the visor template and instructions from our index page of free video supplements, at your convenience.

Limited number of kits available and they will be shipped expedited tracked post on next business day. Saves you lots of time looking for the pieces to make this fabulous warm and cosy hat. This is a test project. We are hoping to sell kits for making our popular sunblocker hats and other hats with more complicated pieces and processes in the coming year. 

Video about how to make this hat is available on YouTube. You can find the video here.

NOTE - Finished hat is not included in the kit. Pictures of finished hat are for reference only. 

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