Winter Canada Cap sewing pattern and instructions, digital format

Full digital sewing pattern in three adult sizes and step by step instructions linking back to our video how to make it on our YouTube channel Mad Cap Hats. The pattern includes three adult head sizes, pattern assembly instructions and full 11 page written detailed instruction booklet that you can print in color or black and white with photos that are time stamped back to the how to video.

For your first one, we recommend using a good quality polar fleece in medium weight and lining the earflaps with sherpa fleece or low pile fur. You can make the outer layers of this cap in any wintery fabric including woolens, nylons, heavy knits. We recommend fleece for the lining at the least for a cosy comfy hat/cap.  We have a raw materials kits that contains all the ingredients for two hats available in limited supply here.

You can use this pattern in your craft business and sewing business as well. We ask that you not share this digital copy as the nominal charge helps us pay for the digitizing and help we need to change our original designs into sewing patterns. Please ask your friends and family to purchase their own copy.

You can watch the "Winter Canada Cap" how to video here on YouTube

The three sizes are Small (21.5 inch or 55 cm head circumference), Medium (Average woman, 22.5 inches or 57-58 cm) and Large (23.5 inches or 60 cm head circumference). The fit is relaxed so the pattern has been drafted not to be a tight fit. The pattern pieces have a small shadow added to increase the seam width to 1/2" or 125 mm but a seam width of 3/8" or 1 cm is built in to the dotted line of each piece.

Visor is designed so it can be worn turned up like a trooper, trapper or aviator hat or turned down to offer the best protection for your face and glasses against sheet, snow and cold weather drizzle. A great hat for winter, perfect for the snow clearing, dog walking, yard duty, cross country skiing and snowshoe activities that make winter more fun.

You can make with or without a drawstring and toggle as well.

Designed so they are comfortable in the car or sitting as it is flat on the back.

Pattern is available in Letter size or A4 which refers to the size of your printer paper. Letter is most of North America while A4 is most of the rest of the world. The pattern, instructions and any other details are delivered to your email address following checkout.

Choose the right size from the two variations to match your printer.

Thank you so much! Happy Sewing!! A Mad Cap Hats original design. Please message us at  if you have problems with your download. This is a large pattern and instruction booklet package requiring 28 pages of printer paper for all the components.

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