Summer Bucket Hat, koala theme, fully lined

A future star of an upcoming YouTube how to make it video and Mad Cap Hats digital sewing pattern.  One only in regular average women's size that is relaxed fit. 

This lovely bucket hat has a flattering brim that covers the face, ears and back of your head and look great on just about anyone! The downward sloping brim that tapers to a narrow width of about 2 inches or or 5 cm at the back.  Brim is about 2.5 inches or 6 cm at the front.  You can turn the brim up on the sides for a fedora look or up at the front or back.

Made from custom printed cotton linen Spoonflower fabric featuring  Koala theme in neutrals. Natural cotton linen is used to line the underside the flattering brim. The hat is fully lined with light cotton blend broadcloth in natural and some elastic at the back inside the lining for a comfortable fit.

The top of the hat is slightly curved with a subtle center seam to give the top a natural shape to match our heads. Helps keep your hair from being flattened too!

This is a one of a kind hat, in one size only which which is a relaxed average fit. Can be pulled down and worn on a bit of an angle on the head to show off lovely bangs!

Great hat for offering extra head coverage so perfect gift for a friend experiencing hair loss. Lovely hat for travel and for summer parties and picnics.