Making your own hats: Step-by-step guide to craft basic to creative hat sewing patterns, plus practical tips and construction techniques (black & white interior)

Author: Design, MsKapolo

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 108

Release Date: 31-07-2021

Details: Even beginners who have in their hands just a few fancy pens, a measuring tape, and a small pile of leftover fabrics can confidently begin their creativity. Anybody with basic sewing skills can do it! *** Dear readers, this book has been updated! The last update was published on Nov 5, 2022. To bring more clarity and make pattern drafting easier for various sizes, an appendix with size guides and pre-calculated dimensions has been added. Please note the book is available in three formats and price options; e-book (ASIN: B09BBQ7PD6), black & white paperback (ASIN: B09BGM15YP), and color-printed paperback (ASIN: B09BMLLSWB). The approach using basic mathematics is introduced here to precisely create patterns of any desired dimensions. For crafters who are interested in the original designs, but may not want to draft patterns, actual-size patterns (such as ASIN: B09CRQFRJ7 and more) could be a more preferable option to promptly begin your new projects. *** This book is not only good for home hobby sewers or amateur designers, but also for middle schoolers to college students who have an interest in sewing and fashion design, or are in the midst of finding cool ideas for their independent study. Another level up for your new sewing project can begin with a fun and fashionable item that is much smaller in scale compared to clothing. Great design examples and explainable logic, from different angles, will motivate creativity, grow problem-solving skills, and increase confidence in you. The book is also a unique resource that integrates simple mathematics into hat designs, making it a nice opportunity for both sides of your brain to get some exercise together. And if you’re the one who used to be annoyed at poor outfits or having no clues to do alterations for hats made from various patterns so far, it’s time to say goodbye to that feeling. This book features; Basic understanding of the crown and brim making Step-by-step guide to drafting hat sewing patterns using various techniques Patterns for 3 basic and 7 creative hat designs Simple embellishment ideas with examples and/or patterns All patterns are provided with a scale reference (on a 1-cm square grid background) Construction example with tips and tricks from real experiences Simple mathematical techniques to draft hat patterns Addition-subtraction methods, very useful for minor adjustments Explainable logic throughout, no non-sense stuffing, with approximately 13,000 words to read Easy-to-follow visualized description with 90+ sets of 300-dpi quality illustrations Plus, size guide charts and pre-calculated dimensions of various sizes in the appendix The foundation laid down in this book, as well as all the detailed tips and tricks provided, will assist you in developing your original headdresses with pride and joy. All hats presented in this book are the original designs of MsKapolo. All techniques developed from the author’s own experience and knowledge have been proven to be useful and replicable for various designs.

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Package Dimensions: 8.5 x 8.4 x 0.4 inches

Languages: English

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