Fleece Hoodie Neckwarmer, with faux fur trim, brown, cream and black plaid, 3 tightening options

Our popular hoodie neckwarmer has a relaxed fit that can be adjusted under the chin with a tie or a button or has a deeper fit with elastic under the chin to close the neckwarmer.  This hoodie is trimmed with black faux fur around the face.

The star of our recent how to make it video on our YouTube Channel, Mad Cap Hats.  This is an original Mad Cap Hats design.

Option 1 features soft fleece ties under the chin to close the neckwarmer if needed.  Option 2 has a big button and button loop to adjust the fit and Option 3 features a bandana style front with a bit of elastic spanning the neckwarmer just under the chin to comfortably tighten the neckwarmer fit.  All options easily slip over the head.

This is a great piece of winter headwear for dog walking, yard duty, commuting and for the woman who does not want to mess her hair while keeping her face sheilded from cold wind and ears warm.  The hood is a single layer of premium pill resistant fleece and faux fur trim around the face is a double layer.  Neckwarmer is a double layer of fleece and fits comfortably inside your coat or jacket.

Made in our lakeside studio in Ontario, Canada.

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