Classic Flat Cap for men or unisex sewing pattern and instructions, digital format

Jauntiy, soft and comfortable, classic design by Tori Capes, Certified Milliner, is made using new stiffer stabilizers or craft foam rather than plastic in the visor. Visor can be held to the top of the hat with a snap or a stitch or a safety pin! 

Digital Sewing pattern and full how to sew it color booklet that refers back to the matching full tutorial video on our YouTube Channel Mad Cap Hats. We advise you watch the video  first as we go through the fabric choices, visor choices, how to attach the snaps and basically all the steps.  See the full video here.

This pattern is in FOUR adult head sizes. Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.  Small will fit pre-teens and extra large is based on a 24.5 inch head circumference.  The video demonstrates how to make size Large which is 23.5 inches or an average men's head size.  In one of the listing photos, the large and medium size are being modelled.

We have released a second  expanded Deluxe Flat Cap Pattern with 12 head sizes, ranging from children to very large Adult Heads.  You can check out the expanded pattern here if you require more size options.

We recommend you read the "READ This First File" before printing any of the pattern pieces.  The most common mistake is in printer settings so it is important to change the page setting for printing to "Actual" to print the correct sized pieces.  There is a 10cm long line on the first page of the pattern so print that and measure to make sure that the settings are correct. 

Pattern is separated into three pattern files - one for Large and Extra Large and one for Medium and Small and a third for the sweatband template for each size.  We hope this makes it easier to see the individual size shapes to cut around if you choose to print in Black and White.  Pattern is color coded for each size so you can refer back to your device if you are not sure but this pattern is pretty easy to follow in color or black and white.  Tip - save the 14 page booklet to your device and refer back to it rather than printing if you wish to save ink and paper. 

Pieces have a small shadow in their respective size color that will add 1/8 inch to the seam allowance if you need 1/2 inch for seam allowance or add a bit to the size.

Seam allowance of 3/8 inch or 1 cm is built into the solid outline of each piece. 

Projector files are available for this pattern.  They will be included soon as we are also adding some new sizes.  Please email if you want the projector files for these 4 sizes before we update the whole pattern package.

You can start a business with this very popular hat! Pattern can not be re-sold without permission of Mad Cap Hats but your purchase of the pattern allows you to use the pattern to make hats for friends, family and for your own small business!  Go forth and prosper!! 

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