Fabulous scrap happy fashion cap, perfect for fall-winter, full pattern, in digital format , in 3 head sizes

This hat can be created in so many medium weight and medium-heavyweight fabrics. Choose fabrics for the Visor section pieces of the Insert and the Bottom piece that have a slight to medium stretch, like a polar fleece fabric has, for best results. Or cut those pieces on the bias if using a woven without a stretch.  We have made this for several seasons in polar fleece and usually finish with a floral pin and woolen contrast fabric on the visor. 

You can mix up three complimentary fabrics to make a truly spectacular hat! Or keep if classic with one fabric and perhaps a faux leather belt and visor like in the video.

Hats shown in this listing photo gallery are all made using this pattern and some variations in trims and mixing fabrics!!

See the full how to video on our YouTube Channel. Video is located here on YouTube. Subscribe to your channel while you are there! Your support is greatly appreciated.

Patterns includes color instructions (you can print in black and white or greyscale) with time stamps back to the video if you need extra help.

Note - We updated this pattern Feb. 2023 to add a shadow around the pieces for a larger seam allowance or in between head sizing and we slightly enlarged the pattern pieces to create a more relaxed fit. If you purchased this pattern in the past you should have received the update on Feb. 2, 2023 automatically. If you did not receive the update, please email us and we will send the update to you.  Email

Cap has a rounded top and lining that is duplicated of the top. You can choose to not line the cap if you like a looser fit. Or you can add elastic to the back of the visor band section if you like a tighter fit. 

Three sizes in included in the download. Small for a 21.5 inch or 55 cm head, Medium which is average for a woman (22.5 inches or 57-58 cm) and Large, 23.5 inches or 60 cm.

Cap is created with two main sections ... the rounded top in six panels and the visor section. You will need about 1/3 meter of fabric or 1/3 yard of fabric.  Fleece is perfect in a medium weight of about 7 oz. We used heavy jogging fleece, a quilted tshirt fabric and fleece for our project demonstration.

You will need heavy weight or extra heavyweight sew in stabilizer interfacing for the visor. We use one piece of Pellon 926 extra firm stabilizer in the video and one piece of heavy weight sew in pellon ... both are widely available through various sellers on Amazon or in Canada, from Fabricland/Fabricville shops. 

Pattern can be printed in letter size paper or A4 format. Choose the option to match your printer paper.  Pattern pieces can be assembled with tape by joining the circles on each page. Print it as many times as you wish however we ask that you not share the digital file as the nominal fee for the pattern helps us to cover the costs of hiring people to help us put our 36 career in millinery design into this format to share. 

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