Big Brim Beach Hat, with bow and pretty bike inspired print in blues

The star of a video on our YouTube channel, Mad Cap Hats.

Buy this one or make one yourself! Link for pattern will be here.

This beautiful hat features a large oversized flattering brim that is over 4 inches deep all the way around and can be shaped up or down.  Hand made bow to pretty it up!  Casts a large shadow of sun protection as you can see in the full sun picture.  

Travels well, can be packed and handwashed, wrinkles removed with spot application of water or with an iron. Lined for extra sun protection but very light weight and comfortable.  Lining has some elastic at the back inside of the hat.

Top is slightly rounded for a comfortable fit. This is a very lovely hat! One of a kind. 

This print features bikes in light blue and white on a light navy background. Inside lining and outer print are 100% cotton.