314 Extra wide brim sunblocker in cotton/flax and winter white canvas with shell buckle and textured scarf

Always one of our customer favorites! Dressy enough for a summer wedding but casual enough for walks on the beach, lounging by the pool or for just feeling very pretty out on a sunny day! Extra large brim compared to our regular sunblocker line.

The hat is built from solid organic cotton/flax on the top and winter white canvas under the brim and on the edge. Trimmed with a neutral handmade scarf and coconut buckle that can be used to tighten the fit. Fully lined with cotton broadcloth, the lining has a bit of elastic on the inside of the hat, at the back, to help create a very comfortable fit. Buckle slides off for cleaning the hat or adjusting the fit.

Fabric has been washed already but due to the different parts of this hat we recommend hand washing and letting the hat dry in shape. Use a steam iron to remove wrinkles or use water to remove wrinkles.

This is a very packable hat for traveling and golf. Brim can be shaped to be turned up more at the back or be let down all the way around. Brim was designed to cover your face and offer maximum sun protection ... With Style! Extra wide Brim width is over 4 inches at the front and over 3.5 inches at the back.

Sun Protection with Style is our motto and this hat certainly meets that goal!

Note - buckle might have different variations of brown and natural as each is one of a kind. Also, the top has a slight curve for the 2023 season. 

Watch the video we made about how to wear this hat here!