Stocks and pandemics, large public events ... oh my.

It's Monday the 9th of March, 2020 and it doesn't feel like we are heading towards the start of a good week.  The entire nation of Italy is on lock down. Toilet paper is sold out everywhere (and I still don't quite understand why) and the global pandemic is spreading.  That can't be a good way to start a day or a week in anyone's books.

Here in Canada this Monday starts and ends with a huge drop in the stock market and the growing fear of the world-wide spread of a pandemic COVID 19.  We seem to be managing the pandemic but unfortunately we had our country's first death today.  The virus is unnerving and has me hoping that everyone will take precautions and stay safe even if that means staying away from the events we have planned in the coming weeks.

As of this date, the shows are still scheduled to go on!

The biggies for us coming up are two Cottage Life shows, one in Toronto at the International Centre (and it is seriously huge) at the end of March and the other in Ottawa at the EY Centre later in April.  We have not heard any talk in any of the pre-show chatter about a possible cancellation so we are at this point assuming that the shows will go on and in that event, we will be there.  Should that change we will update the status of the shows on the front page of this website if the powers that be determine they are not safe for public health.  I consider this a strong possibility so please check the status before coming to see us at either show.

Hopefully the outdoor events will be safe but we have no idea where this pandemic will lead and how public health will determine whether they go on.  We will keep you updated on the front page of this site if there are any cancellations.

Stay safe and stay healthy.  Please!!!  Shopping online is a great way to buy our hats and if you need a custom fit we are always happy to oblige!  We can add a chinstrap too!  Just ask!

Despite the stocks today and the virus looming in the background, the sun was shining brightly here at Mad Cap headquarters.  Outside, the birds were busy singing and the snow was melting.  And so we continue to prep for the shows and a busy upcoming summer ahead ... until we hear otherwise!  We have had a stellar spring so far, and we are constantly grateful for your support and love of our hats!  xo


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