How to Style your Mad Cap Hat

We are pleased to announce the soft launch of our "How to and Style" channel on YouTube!! 

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Our first video shows how you can shape the brims of our summer hats to create a bit of flare or to even create a very deep bucket hat look. Most of our clients buy our sun hats for sun protection and "Sun protection with Style" has been our motto and mission for all these years. 

Some of you may be aware that I am planning to retire, musing about it anyway,  in the next year or so. Starting this channel will help me pass on some of the knowledge I have gained from designing and creating 1000s and 1000s of hats during my 35 plus year career.

During the next year our channel with be filled with how to make various accessories ... my shortcuts for sewing and tips for doing lasting and quality work.

All Mad Cap Hats are my original designs and patterns and as I am hoping to retire soon, I have no problems sharing some of the easier ones with you. All will require a sewing machine and the appropriate fabrics which will be talked about with each video.

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Here is a link to the first video. 

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