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So comfortable! New Mask button Toque test run!

Yesterday, I had to leave the protective bubble of my lakeside studio to venture to our nearest city, Kingston, ON, to have a slow leaking tire fixed. Knowing that a trip to Costco's tire centre is never a fast outing, I thought it a great oppportunity to test drive our new mask button toques for comfort and ease of use.

I am so happy and excited that the test run was a huge success! The mask was even more comfortable to wear when the elastic was fastened to the outside of the hat rather than my ears. My glasses never once fogged up! The elastic loops crossing over where my ears were underneath the hat, helped the hat feel like it was hugging my ears with cosy fleece better than ever before.  I was also able to leave the mask fastened on one side of the toque while I was driving to do other errands.

All in all, a happy first hours long test drive. Bring on that cold weather.

By the way, my hat of choice here is the ruffled toque in royal blue and my favorite mask is the summer pastel plaid, a 3 layer pleated style of mask with wire across the entire top span.

See our complete and ever increasing collection of caps and toques and small brimmed hats with mask buttons here!

Pair it with one of our three layer fabric face masks (Christmas and Halloween designs now in stock) here!

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