Adapting to make our new fall and winter hats mask friendly

We have been super busy this spring and summer due to high demand for our masks and hats. Pondering how to proceed with the fall and winter, likely another season that sees the need for social distancing and wearing masks, has been a good challenge. We have made alot of scrubs this season for medical workers and about a month ago I noticed more and more orders coming in from teachers. With the schools opening and teachers ordering our scrub caps to help with comfort and relief for their ears in a busy classroom, it seemed a good idea to add the buttons we use for our medical scrub caps to our new fall winter line.

Relief for your ears!! Everyone should have relief for their ears especially as the weather gets chilly again. This willl be very helpful if you are someone relying on public transit or need to have your mask on and off numerous times a day.

This year all our toques and caps will have built in buttons on the outside, behind the top of your ears, for easy mask wearing. This means you will not have to take your hat off in order to put your mask on! The buttons will match the color of the fabric underneath so they will be discreet. Unless the design calls for contrast!

We have quickly discovered that this makes both the mask and the hat more comfortable to wear! The mask elastic over the hat gives extra protection to the ears and the wide generous fit of our masks gives the face more protection from the wind and cold.

These buttons will hold any mask with elastic in place but of course we hope you pair your hat with one of our masks. When COVID passes to the history books, you can use these buttons to hold ear buds in place! .

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