Sunblockers with Adjustable Fit

The "Sunblocker with Adjustable Fit" is our most popular Sun Hat, combining lovely fashion forward prints with organic cotton with an adjustable fit tie and toggle for super comfort. Big brim bucket hat or upturned brim ... you get both! Lovely brim can be worn up or down.  Great for all your sunshine adventures. Perfect for the garden, the beach, your walks, camping, boating, shopping and of course golfing! Travels like a champ, just a little water on wrinkles removes them and the fabrics have been pre-washed so the hat is easy to clean. Two layers of lightweight poly cotton lining give this hat it's high sun protection factor. The wide brim is flattering to every face shape and can be worn up or down or in a combination of both!

Adjustable fit tie and toggle can also be used as a chinstrap for days on the boat or windy weather. 

Note - 2023 will be our last season of production for our Summer line. You will be able to make your own as the full sewing pattern and kits will be available in early spring. We will have a few finished hats for sale here as well. The top of the hat is slightly rounded for our last season for a clean and neat structured fit. Enjoy! 


NOTE - Last call for a Sunblocker order for this 2022 calendar year. The order window will close on August 20, 2022. We will have a small window in early 2023 for ordering this style of hat for the snow bird travel season. Sign up for email back in stock notification on any specific prints that you are interested in and you will be notified in the new year when they are available again. Thank you so much! Tori