Fabulous Fashion Cloche sewing pattern and instructions, digital format

Full digital sewing pattern in three adult sizes and step by step instructions linking back to our video how to make it on our YouTube channel Mad Cap Hats. The pattern includes three adult head sizes, instructions booklet and a template for the scarf as well as a full YouTube how to make it video to follow. We recommend that you watch the video before starting your hat. You can see the video here.

Use any fabric medium weight. You can use quilting weight fabrics as well for the summer version. We advise that the fabric you use be reinforced with medium weight one sided fusible interfacing available through our Amazon link or any fabric store.

You can use this pattern in your craft business and sewing business as well. We ask that you not share this digital copy as the nominal charge helps us pay for the digitizing and help we need to change our original designs into sewing patterns. Please ask your friends and family to purchase their own copy.

The three sizes are Small (21.5 inch or 55 cm head circumference), Medium (Average woman, 22.5 inches or 57-58 cm) and Large (23.5 inches or 60 cm head circumference).

You can decorate with a pin or a scarf or a bow. Lots of options! 

Deep fit means it can cover the ears and cover hair loss. This is a great hat to gift to a loved one experiencing hair loss. You can shorten the fit with by shortening the top panel piece. The top of this hat is a six-panel design.

Designed so the hat is comfortable in the car or sitting as it is flat on the back. Downward sloping brim can be turned up at one side for a unique flare and provides Sun Protection with Style in the sunny months and protection from the elements in the weather that is not so sunny.

Pattern is available in Letter size or A4 which refers to the size of your printer paper. Letter is most of North America while A4 is most of the rest of the world. The pattern, instructions and any other details are delivered to your email address following checkout. Make sure you have the right paper size in your checkout cart and email us at should you require assistance.

Pattern files (four of them) will be delivered right to your email inbox (check spam and junk if you don't see them) following payment at checkout. Patterns purchased on our website will be automatically updated if we update the package anytime in the future.

Thank you so much! Happy Sewing!! A Mad Cap Hats original design.

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