Sunblocker, our bestselling sun hat, sewing pattern and instructions, digital format

With Adjustable Fit!

Full DIY Tutorial and Pattern using HeatnBond to fuse two layers of fabric to create a wrinkle resistant wide brim.   You can use regular sew-in and fusible interfacing and these options are explored in Part Two Video.  Part Two shows you step by step how to add elastic to the lining and replace the cord with belt loops changing the look of this hat to dressy with a scarf as well. 

Sun Protection with Style! The 'Sunblocker' is our bestselling summer sun hat. We have sold 1000's of them over more than two decades of wholesale and artisan festivals! Now it is your turn to make it ... for friends, family or your small business.

This hat features a brim that has two layers of fabric fused together using HeatnBond and a distinctive edge trim that helps to shape the brim to look great turned up at the front, sides, all the way around or turned down.

Please note that this is a pattern/tutorial that requires experience in sewing.  Watch the video first before purchasing the pattern.  

Part One -Video is available on our YouTube Channel Mad Cap Hats here. Part Two - Video to transform the hat from casual to dressy is on the YouTube Channel Mad Cap Hats here

Pattern package is delivered in English but it is easy to translate the Instructions and Assembly Read this first page into any language using Google Translate. Choose translate document to create a new PDF file in your language choice. Contact us if you need us to do this for you.

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Full sewing pattern pieces in four adult head sizes. Small (21.5 or 54-55 cm head circumference), Medium (22.5 inches or 57-58 cm head size), Large (23.5 inches or 60-61 cm) and Extra Large (24.5 inches or 62.5 cm).  The pattern has been separated into three file sets for easier reading of the pattern pieces and to save paper if you not making the larger or smaller sizes.  The edge has it's own file.

You can use this original Mad Cap Hats pattern to make hats for yourself, your family and friends and for your small business. This one is a summer outdoor festival winner! 

Download link is delivered to your email in box after secure checkout. Make as many as you want for business or pleasure but we ask that you have friends and family purchase their own copies of this pattern package so that we can fund the creation of more of our designs into pattern format to share with sewers everywhere!

This booklet is larger than usual so if you wish, save it to your portable device rather than printing all 21 pages! There will be more pages added as we are working on the part two video as well.

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