We had a few glitches moving our domain fully to Shopify this past week and our web site and email were down a few times but we think we are all tuned up and fixed and back on the job! Sorry for any inconvenience. Onward and upward! In person workshop hat tutorials are planned for this summer at our lakeside studio. Stay tuned!


Sun Visor pattern for YouTube Sun Visor Headband video, visor only

Digital download for the Sun Visor piece in our sun visor headband video on our YouTube channel.

Add one to the cart and go through the checkout. The pattern piece is free so you will not be charged. You will have to leave some customer information as our website host requires that. If you prefer, you can email us directly and we can send you back a PDF file.

Print the PDF at actual size and check to see that your printer results match the measurements in green on the download. 

Email at madcaphats@gmail.com for problems or for a copy if you prefer not to go through the Shopify checkout. 

Dec. 2022 ... I will be replacing this with the full visor so check back again soon if you need this piece. In meantime I will leave my hand drawn version up but I have a digitized version now! Thanks so much, Tori