Rosie Cap and Hat, Digital Sewing Pattern in six head sizes, PDF format

Please note that the written instructions and projector files are still being prepared but you can follow along the step by step tutorials for both the Cap and Hat version of the Rosie with our YouTube videos for these two hat projects.  Your purchase of a pattern on our website means we are able to notify you and deliver a link to your email regarding any updates on your purchase.  When the instruction booklet is finished, you will receive the notification and link for the written form of instructions that will be included with the purchase as well as any future updates.  You are getting early access to this pattern and the videos will provide any instructions that you need in a visual format. A picture tells a thousand words right? 

The Rosie Cap and Hat are designed to give you great coverage for your face from the wet wintery weather. Both feature "flat" backs so they are comfortable for commuters who spend time in and out of sitting positions while also needing some protection from the weather.  The Cap and Hat can be worn under a coat hood as well to cover your eyes and nose and glasses comfortably.  

WE recommend that polar fleece be used to line the inside of your hat and for the top. You can use other fibres as long as they have stretch in one direction or on the bias.  The videos for both versions of the Rosie will show you how to mix fabrics.  We use a lot of fleece in our winter designs and recommend that you make your first hat or cap following our lead.  An insert of other fabric in the band cut on the bias is a good place to start your fabric mixing with fleece to be very happy with your resulting hat or cap. You will love both verions of the Rosie and both designs ... the cap with a visor and the hat with a brim ...  will be very popular in your sewing business or with family and friends.

Pattern pieces are delivered in three groups of size file sets in head sizes XSmall (21.5 inches or 54.75 cm) and Small (22" or 56 cm); Medium which is average size for women (22.5 inches or 57.5 cm) and Large (23" or 58.5 cm); and XLarge (23.5 inches or 60 cm) and XXLarge (24 inches or 61 cm).  We have separated the sizes to make it easier for you to follow the lines for cutting each size without loads of crisscrossing.  Each pattern set requires 16 sheets of paper but you can use the pieces over and over again.  Printing on regular paper is so much better than commercial tissue paper in our opinion.  Make sure your printer is set to print the pages at their "Actual" Size or select "Custom Size" at 100%.  Make sure your printer is not set to Fit to Page as this will result in a smaller pattern than we both intended.  Take a moment to check the 5 inch or 10 cm measuring line on the first page of your pattern to make sure your settings are correct.

Watch the step by step video tutorials on our YouTube Channel.  There is a full video for the Cap choice and a full video for making the Hat version with a full brim.  The Videos will give you step by step instructions and ideas for how to trim and finish your hats as well as materials to use for best results.   Rosie Cap Video is here and the Rosie Hat Video is here

There is also a free version of each pattern available on this website here.  The free version is in average adult size only and  features the band pieces in half size while the paid pattern, this pattern, is delivered in full sized pieces in 6 sizes. The Rosie page of our site has links to all the things we used to make the pattern including the Cricut hat press form and Sizzix die cutting equipment. 

Please email us at with any problems or questions about the pattern.  Our patterns appear "unavailable" until you select the paper type for your printer.  Click on Letter or A4 to Add to Cart.

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