We had a few glitches moving our domain fully to Shopify this past week and our web site and email were down a few times but we think we are all tuned up and fixed and back on the job! Sorry for any inconvenience. Onward and upward! In person workshop hat tutorials are planned for this summer at our lakeside studio. Stay tuned!


Extra long rayon scarf, turban scarf, shoulder wrap, perfect for headwrap, natural floral

Studio made rayon scarf is over 2 meters long which makes it the perfect length for fashioning a headwrap or to wear over your shoulders as a shawl or to wear around your neck as a light warm season scarf. Width is 21 inches or 54 cm.

Finished with a narrow serge at the edge, this beauty is super comfortable around the neck and head. A perfect gift for anyone who is suffering hair loss as it has been designed to cover the head with comfort and has the length to do fancy wraps like the turban.

Washable and can be packed so easily for travel. 

Made from 100% Rayon. Semi Sheer.