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Amazing fabulous Boho Cap, great for any season, in digital format, 3 adult head sizes

Channeling our fabulous carefree 1970's vibe with the best of the Greek Fisherman and News Boy style caps that are always so popular, welcome to your new favorite cap hat! And the best part is that you can make this tried and true and tested on 100s of heads, yourself!! Over and over again, in lots of different fabrics and trims! This is a great style for every weather season. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. I have made it in cotton, cotton/linen, heavy knits and polar fleece.

In the matching YouTube video I will show you how to make it using simple washed denim in two shade, regular washed blue and black. I use a small piece of lingerie elastic to add a bit of flare to the part of the outside band that runs the span of the visor. Pictures in the pattern booklet that accompanies the pattern pieces file, shows pictures from sewing the red cord cap as well.

The pattern offers the complete pieces, including the lining piece, in three common adult head sizes marked as Small, 21.5 inches or 55 cm;  Medium, 22.5 inches or 57.5 cm; and Large. 23.5 inches or 60 cm in head circumference.

The cap can be made in just about any fabric that is of medium weight including polar fleece for winter, denim for spring and fall and linen or linen blends for summer. Lining can be an option. Budget for about a third of a yard or meter for the cap body. You will have extra.  Depending on head size you need 6.5 to 7.5 inches o 165 mm to 190 mm elastic in a 1 inch or 25 mm width. You can use narrower elastic, in fact 3/4 inch or 19 mm wide is best for size small. You will need stabilizer in heavy sew in or fusible (depending on fabric choice) as well.

Choose to print the pattern pieces on Letter size paper or A4 before adding to your cart.

Any additions to this pattern or corrections will automatically be sent after you make your purchase. This pattern is currently being updated to include a shaded border to each pattern piece to enable a wider seam allowance or for in between head sizes. The update will automatically be sent to you once it is finished if you buy the pattern before the update. 

If you have problems with the download or questions or pictures to share please email us at madcaphats@gmail.com

The full YouTube video about how to make this cap can be watched here

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