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206-d Crochet Raffia Sun Hat bucket hat with adjustable fit with black bow trim, solid black

Raffia Straw Travel hat is now available in black. Raffia has been factory dyed. We have lined the brim with black canvas, finished the edge with a bit of wire and black canvas and created a lovely band with bow. Band and bow is one piece and can be removed if you wish to decorate the hat with a scarf or other trim to mix it up!

This beauty features a wide brim about 8 cm (over 3 inches) brim all the way around and is made from real raffia straw crocheted in a tight fine chain.  Brim looks great turned down bucket style or worn with the edge turned up.

Featuring a light poly cotton lining inside and an adjustable fit sweatband. The lining offers more sun protection for your head and protection from little ends of raffia. Little ends of the raffia fiber strands will stick out over time and can be trimmed with nail scissors on the outside of the hat. The lining will protect your head from feeling them on the inside! 

Real raffia is a favorite straw here as it can be steamed or ironed back to shape or shaped with water. If it gets wet, let dry with brim upturned. This brim looks great turned up or down. Brim lining offers shade and more protection from the sun.

Travels beautifully, can be packed in a suitcase. Pack with the crown filled with a shirt or socks and pack clothing around it.

The regular size is good for heads slightly above and below average. Please contact us first before ordering if you head is larger then 22.75 inches or smaller then 22 inches.

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