We had a few glitches moving our domain fully to Shopify this past week and our web site and email were down a few times but we think we are all tuned up and fixed and back on the job! Sorry for any inconvenience. Onward and upward! In person workshop hat tutorials are planned for this summer at our lakeside studio. Stay tuned!


Fabric, Sewing Supplies and DIY Tools of the Trade

Fabric, Interfacing and Millinery Supplies 

The items in our Fabric, Interfacing and Millinery Supplies are in stock at our Ontario location and are shipped from our Ontario location or are available for pick up at our location.

Sewing Patterns by Mad Cap Hats

Delivered straight to your inbox following checkout. Use over and over again.

Material Kits for Sewing Patterns

Fabrics and hardware needed for some of our Sewing Patterns. Limited quantities. Available for shipping only in Canada and the USA.

Free Summary Sheets for YouTube Videos in PDF format

The bits and pieces of our hat and cap tutorials that are best served straight to you in the right size so you are a happy sewer and not guessing with random measurements. Download from the index and there is no need to leave any personal information. 

Millinery Books. Books about Hats. All kinds of favorite books about hats!

Available through Amazon and sold and shipped by Amazon. A list that is curated to help you on your hat making journey. As an Amazon affiliate, we will earn a commission if you purchase using our links but your purchase price will not increase. Commissions will help fund this website and our YouTube tutorials. Thank you so much!!

DIY Tools of the Trade

We are supplying a list of products that we use in our business to make hats, tools for sewing and fabrics like interfacing, fleece where available and fabrics that we purchase from Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you.  Links will take you to Amazon.ca (The Canadian Site) or Amazon.com. Checkout and fulfillment will be done by Amazon. Note - There is no local pick up at Mad Cap Hats for these items purchased through Amazon.

See the Collection here, which includes my favorite tool, the magnetic seam measure!


See our videos on our YouTube Channel Mad Cap Hats.