Fabric Face Mask Wash & Care Instructions

I would like to provide the following disclaimer about the fabric face mask enclosed or purchased from our website. 

The face mask created by Mad Cap Hats should NOT be used as a replacement for conventional and approved Personal Protective Equipment. The device has not been industry tested for its effectiveness at preventing airborne spread. The decision to use this device is solely your own. 

The materials we use are not medical grade. We make no claims that the mask will prevent any airborne virus from attacking you. We hope that by wearing the mask, you will be aware of the protection over your nose and mouth and that will stop you from involuntarily touching your face when you are out and about. When the wire is fitted flush around the contours of your nose and cheeks, you should noticed that air is drawn through the fabric and not from the top or bottom of the mask. If you wear glasses, the wire properly contoured around your nose will also prevent air from escaping upwards and fogging your glasses. 

The fabric face mask has been made from 2 or 3 layers of cotton and or cotton blend fabric. The lining is a solid color and whether it is one or two layers the lining is 65% poly and 35% cotton. This is the fabric recommended by the CDC for best use for fabric masks. We have used aluminum wire across the top of the mask to help customize the fit. It is soft and easy to bend into shape. You can leave the mask in this shape permanently if you hand wash rather then machine wash. Pinch around your nose and cheeks to provide a comfortable hands free fit. 

All Masks: 

To adjust the fit of the mask, untie the loose knot in the elastic on both sides and reknot to give you a correct fit. You can move the knot into the casing on the mask once you have the fit right. You can pull the elastic around the knot tight so you are sure the knot is secure and then trim the ends of the elastic if you wish. 

Pleated masks: 

The folds of the pleats face down. If the pleats are facing upwards, you have the wrong side next to your nose and mouth. Turn the mask around. Slightly fold the mask in the center of the wire and unfold the pleats before putting on for the first time. Pull on the pleat closest to your nose to loosen the fit around your nose and mouth. Once you have the fit perfect, you can keep the mask in this shape. 

Around the head elastic: 

Both the upper piece and the lower piece will go around your head. The toggle, on the lower piece, can be tightened to adjust the fit. We find that looping the toggle around the upper piece of elastic at the back of your head, looping it around that piece a couple of times so that that appear to be joined together at that point, makes the fit more comfortable. The upper elastic must go over top of your ears for proper fit. If you do not like the around the head fit, you can remove the toggle but cutting of the knotted ends and then cut the upper piece of elastic at the the back of the head point and voila, you have the makings of ear looped elastic. Tie the ends at each side to make a comfortable loop/fit. 

Additional Notes:

Your mask has been under our steamer for at least 20 seconds prior to packaging. Packaging has been purchased from Canadian sources. Due to the wire inside the mask, we recommend hand wash in hot soapy water, rinse and dry overnight. You can press the bottom seam, the one without the wire, flat. Do not microwave due to the wire 

Stay safe friends and once again thank you!
Tori Capes, Mad Cap