Pop Top Sun Hat, full brim visor style hat, sewing pattern and instructions, digital format

Reversible full brim sun visor that has been part of our hat business for years. We call it a Pop Top because it is Topless!  Sun Protection with Style! The top popped off to give you that ventilation you crave when you think a full hat is too hot in the summer.

This style of hat is great for travel, sunny walks and sports like golf and hanging around the pool! 

Full sewing pattern pieces in three adult head sizes. Small (21.5 or 54-55 cm head circumference), Medium (22.5 inches or 57-58 cm head size) and Large (23.5 inches or 60-61 cm).

View the how to view now on our YouTube Channel Mad Cap Hats.  See the video here!

Follow along with the video to make your own Pop Top Sunblocker. I show you how to use "Heat'n Bond" to fuse two layers of canvas weight fabric together to create a beautiful flattering wrinkle resistant brim that can be worn turned up or down. Use small left over pieces of your favorite quilting weight fabrics with medium weight one side fusible interfacing on the back to create a lovely band for your hat. Top and bottom edges are trimmed with fully formed bias edges, pattern pieces for these two pieces is included in the download as well,  When you are finished you have a lovely finished hat that can be worn reversed so you can plan ahead to make two different looks in one. 

You can use a different interfacing that is sew in or one side fusible for your brim. Just cut all the pieces from the same main brim pattern piece. Otherwise, the pattern includes a pattern piece for "Heat'n Bond" as well. 

"Heat'n Bond" is a heat activated adhesive you use to bond two fabrics together. I use the Lite in the video but the Heavy Duty works great too. There is a link to a roll of this adhesive here that you can purchase via our link to Amazon. Links to all the products I use in the video are also available in the video description on YouTube.

This is our largest pattern package yet. You can choose to print out different sets of components and we suggest that you just save the 15-instruction booklet and 3-page read first before printing pattern booklet on your device and just refer back rather than printing out. The pattern itself has separate components for the hat body and the hat bias edge pieces, all in three adult head sizes. 

You can use this original Mad Cap Hats pattern to make hats for yourself, your family and friends and for your small business. This one is a summer outdoor festival winner! 

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