Cutest Kid's Sun Hats, sewing pattern and instructions, two brim sizes, four head sizes, digital format

Coming Soon!! Full pattern should be released July 27, 2023.

Summer Hat School is so on this year with this cute sun hat pattern for the kids. Step by step tutorial and pattern! Two hats in one pattern. A bucket brim and a wide brim in four kid's head sizes fitting a range from sitting up and crawling to about 9 years of age! Instruction booklet contains instructions for adding a bow to the hat as well.

Pattern package is delivered in English PDF format but it is easy to translate the Instructions and Assembly Read this first page into any language using Google Translate. Choose translate document to create a new PDF file in your language choice. Contact us if you need us to do this for you.

Pattern includes two brim choices and four kid's head sizes separated by size so you can choose to print only the size you need. Pattern also includes written instructions for both brims and references back to the YouTube videos for both brim options. There is also a Read First file that shows you how your assembled pattern sets should look like and which page to print first for the measure line that will be on each size set. 

Make sure you set your printer page to print "Actual" or to print "Custom" at 100%. This is important to have the right size. There is a 10 cm line and a 5 inch line on each pattern set to check your output.

Choose the printer paper option before adding to cart.  The pattern is avaiable for A4 and Letter paper printers.

Full sewing pattern pieces in four kids head sizes. XSmall (18" or 46 cm head circumference),  Small (19" or 48 cm head circumference) Medium (20"  or 51 cm head size) and Large (21 nches or 53.5 cm). Design uses about 6.5 inches or 16.5 cm of narrow 1/8" or 3 mm wide elastic to customize the fit and make a slightly big hat on a small head super comfortable.  We also use a shoelace in this design to create a chinstrap and also use a toggle to finish the chinstrap.

You can also tighten the fit by using a slightly shorter piece of elastic of you can increase the fit by using a longer piece of elastic or no elastic at all.

There are two brim sizes in this package for each size set.  Sizes are separated to there are no lines crossing over and the pattern can be printed in black and white although the pieces are color coded.  Each brim has a video on YouTube giving you step by step instructions about how to make the hat. 

See the Video for the Bucket Brim here

See the Video for the Wide Brim here

The hat uses quilting weight cotton fabric, light or medium weight fusible on one side interfacing on both brim pieces and a sew in piece on one of the brim pieces to help give extra support. This extra sew in stabilizer is Pellon heavyweight in the video but you can choose to leave it out for a softer, floppier brim.

You can use this original Mad Cap Hats pattern to make hats for yourself, your family and friends and for your small business. This one is a summer outdoor festival winner! We have been making the wide brim version of this hat since 1991 and it was known as the Kid's Sun Hat

Download link is delivered to your email in box after secure checkout. Make as many as you want for business or pleasure but we ask that you have friends and family purchase their own copies of this pattern package so that we can fund the creation of more of our designs into pattern format to share with sewers everywhere! 

Sometimes there are glitches in the delivery of your pattern due to email settings etc so please contact us via email if your pattern is caught up on the internet somewhere and we can send the files to your email as well. Contact us at

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