Last summer season of us sewing as we introduce our designs to the world as YouTube videos and digital Sewing Patterns! Supplies will also be available as we reduce our big inventory of fabrics and tools. Thank you so much for your support over all these years! xo


Wool Cloche with scarf trim, herringbone in black and cream, fully lined

A future star of an upcoming YouTube how to make it video and Mad Cap Hats digital sewing pattern.

This lovely cloche has a brim that combines the size and curve of a cap visor all the way around to make a flattering downward sloping brim that tapers to a narrow width of about an inch or 2.5 cm at the back.  Brim is about 2.5 inches or 6 cm at the front.

Made from a classic herringbone tweed and trimmed with a studio made black semi sheer scarf that can be tied at the side in a knot.  

The top of the hat is made cap style, from six sections each stabilized with interfacing. The lining that touches your head is black fleece under the brim and black and white cotton butterfly print inside. Wool is only on the outside of this hat.

This is a one of a kind hat, in one size only which which is a relaxed average fit. Can be pulled down and worn on a bit of an angle on the head to show off lovely bangs!

Great hat for the cooler days of spring and fall and the average days of winter.