Raffia Straw sun hat with sunflowers under brim, orange accents, adjustable fit, button band trim

A one of a kind! Beautiful real Raffia Straw Hat, in the natural toast, is packable and can be shaped to flatter you with an upturned brim or as a bucket style brim. Ready for all your sun adventures, golfing games, walks or travels southward. Very suitable and pretty enough for summer weddings as well.  Would really feel at home at a garden party!

NEW - Brim is lined with a pretty floral in cotton linen featuring sunflowers in tones of yellow, natural, gold, greens,  orange and rosy pinks for extra sun protection and shade as well as a orange canvas finished edge and matching floral band with three orange canvas covered buttons.  Adding the extra layer of tough fabric to the underside of the brim is a game changer!! Helps protect the shape of the hat and makes it easy to reshape if the hat becomes wet. Of course the two layers of brim means ... extra Sun protection with Style without adding layers on top of your head. All the ventilation of straw that you love but with an extra layer to the brim.

Raffia hat is fully lined with a light cotton print and a wicking sweatband that can be adjusted for fit on windy days or if your head is on the smaller side of average,

This beauty features a wide brim about 8 cm (over 3 inches) brim all the way around. The hat body is made from real raffia straw crocheted in a tight chain. 

Real raffia is a favorite straw here as it can be steamed or ironed back to shape or shaped with water. If it gets wet, let dry with brim upturned. 

Travels beautifully, can be packed in a suitcase. Just put the brim into the down position and roll slightly or leave upturned and fill the crown with a t-shirt or socks etc.

The regular size is good for heads slightly above and below average.