Sun Visor Headband with wide visor, comfortable fit, Golfing theme in neutrals

Our new improved Sun Visor Headband, the star of a new YouTube how to make it video, is great for all your sun fun plans. Great for your golf bag, you daily walks, your travels, picnics, days at the beach or in the pool.

Made from prewashed cotton fabrics, the visor is trimmed with elastic fit at the back and finished with a solid denim visor brim that is extra wide and covers the ears and face. Neutral golf print featuring golfers and golf equipment with a vintage feel is used for the outside pieces. A tan canvas is under the brim.  Top edge folds over easily to make a shallower band around the head.

You can wear it under your hair or over your hair, under a pony tail too. This print is a unisex one and the visor is on the large side of average size meaning it will fit comfortably on a head size between average 22.5 and 23 inches or 57 to 58.5 cm.

Machine washable. 

Made in our lakeside studio.