Fleece Fashion Bucket Hat, with lace and bow trim, red and black check

A hug for your head. This hat is designed to cover your entire head with lovely, cosy fleece. A great hat for keeping warm and dry with style. This one is the star of our Winter Bucket Hat video on your how to make it YouTube Channel, Mad Cap Hats. Only one is available.

You can sew one for your self or buy this one! Sewing pattern is available here in three adult head sizes plus a detailed instruction booklet. 

Brim is extremely flattering and protects your face and glasses for the cool weather and what comes with it. Brim is about 2.5 inches at the front (less at the back) and has a soft downward slope.

Also a great hat for walking the doggie and for outdoor sports like cycling, walking and skating. Great for cooler climates that are not sub zero most of the time. 

Please note that this hat does not have our usual earflaps, offering a simpler choice with fewer seams for comfort. Slightly stretchy too.   Top is a single layer to help keep head dry with snow and sleet but comfortable to prevent overheating when worn indoors.

Made from pill resistant polar fleece and lined with either fleece.

Fit is great for average head size from 22.25 to 22.75 inches.

Hand wash and dry low heat or air dry. Can be dried with dryer sheet to add anti-static protection. Remove bow first before cleaning. Bow can be slipped in and out of the casing.