206a Raffia Straw sun hat with black denim under brim and edge, adjustable fit, black scarf and buckle

Beautiful Raffia Straw Hat is packable and can be shaped to flatter you with an upturned brim or as a bucket style brim. Ready for all your sun adventures, golfing games, walks or travels southward.  Very soft yet the lining and the quality of the fine crochet really help this hat keep a wonderful flattering shape.

NEW - Brim is lined with washed black denim, slightly bleached, for extra sun protection and shade as well as a black denim finished edge,  Adding the extra layer to the underside of the brim is a game changer!! Helps protect the shape and makes it easy to reshape if the hat becomes wet. Of course adding an extra layer to the brim means extra Sun protection with Style!!

The sweatband has an adjustable fit. The hat is lined with pretty cotton quilting weight fabric.

This hat is trimmed with a textured semi sheer black scarf and finished with a black coconut shell sliding on and off buckle.

This beauty features a wide brim about 8 cm (over 3 inches) brim all the way around. The hat body is made from real raffia straw crocheted in a tight chain in the natural color. 

Real raffia is a favorite straw here as it can be steamed or ironed back to shape or shaped with water. If it gets wet, let dry with brim upturned.  The black layer underneath helps to keep the hat in shape while adding extra sun protection with style!

Travels beautifully, can be packed in a suitcase. Just put the brim into the down position and roll slightly or leave upturned and fill the crown with a t-shirt or socks etc.

This hat is ready to ship and is in our regular average head size is good for heads that are average fit.  Average head size is about 57.5cm  or 22.5 inches or smaller then 22 inches in circumference. It can be tightened to fit smaller heads as it has an inner adjustable sweatband and lining that prevents it from becoming a deep fit.